Twisted Road

Twisted Road

There were two problems to solve: the need to have a bike to ride and the waste of a bike sitting in my garage unused while I'm busy or away.

The vision was clear -- Ride the World. I needed motorcycles everywhere. Pasadena. St. George. Monterrey. Tail of the Dragon. Miami. Pisa. Singapore. The Stelvio Pass. Wherever riders want to ride (again, everywhere).

Over the next few months, I spoke to more than 100 people about the idea. Entrepreneurs. Adventurers. Mentors. Artists. Builders. And of course, riders. Lots of people were excited to make money off of their bike when they weren't using it.

Others weren't sure if they'd rent their bike out but were thrilled to have the option of riding while traveling or even trying new bikes in their own hometown. Still people wanted to both rent bikes and list theirs.

Then the name: Twisted Road. It’s leaning into a turn. Making your own path. Exploring. The journey. And the ride. It's about not knowing what's around the bend but being able to enjoy the moment of wheel on earth.

But it’s mostly about the ride.