Natalie Kleiner – Maiden Moto

Perhaps you haven’t yet heard the name Natalie Kleiner, or perhaps you have. Either way, we can guarantee it’s a name you’ll remember after you see her motorcycle art!

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Natalie hails from “up north” in Minnesota, not necessarily a land known for motorcycles, moreso for its beautiful farmland and about a million lakes. Which, actually, is a wonderful place to ride, with the sweeping curves and beautiful roads throughout the lake-heavy state. She grew up in the farmland, giving her a look at life that’s a little more laid-back than someone from a bustling city, but she knows hard work and is all about getting it done.

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Natalie is a woman who isn’t afraid to put the miles on her motorcycle, too. Starting out on her Harley-Davidson FXR, she recently moved up in the v-twin world and got herself a new, Milwaukee 8 powered H-D Softail. You can find her spinning that odometer on her way to various motorcycle rallies and events, where she often has a setup selling her moto-based fashion from KNK and The Dehavn.

Natalie had been painting some signage and small art pieces when she was called upon to join the Maiden Moto Art Show – and she kept her large oil painting a total secret until she rolled up to the show on its opening day at Tennessee Motorcycles & Music Revival. Her piece, of a black chopper, looks so realistic you might believe it’s actually a photograph.

We spoke with Natalie a bit about what she’s up to, her art, and of course, her motorcycles…

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What made you want to be a part of the Maiden Moto art show?

I absolutely love art, I have been painting ever since I was a kid. I love Savannah and was honored to be a part of this and support what she is building!

What type of art do you do?

Painting, pottery, clothing design, wood furniture – if it involves making or creating something, chances are I’ll get my hands in it one way or another.

What’s your favorite type of art to do? 

Probably oil paintings or designing clothing – it depends on what pushes me or inspires me at that point in time.

Where are you from? 

Good Ole Minnesota, dontchya know!

Do you ride? Or ride as a passenger?

I ride. Sometimes I still like being a passenger to sit back and enjoy the scenery. 

Photo Credit: Bobby Biedinger Follow On Instagram

What do you ride? 

All things two wheels! I have a few bikes, right now my favorite bike is my 2019 Harley-Davidson Softail. The thing is pimp! I also love my H-D FXR. That thing is pretty bad too.


Where is your favorite place to travel to or ride?

Ah jeez, I really love riding out west, but I can’t really put a cap on one place – if it involves two lanes and my friends, chances are I’m loving it! If I had to name a few places I’d say Arizona, Colorado, The Black Hills.  I really want to get out to the banana belt in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho next.


What doors have opened for you since you started doing moto art? 

It’s been a great thing! Several folks have reached out to me asking for custom paintings and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored to have people interested in my work. Thank you!!!

Do you get a lot of requests for custom art?

I do get quite a few for signage, and canvas oil paintings, and most designs for clothing.

 Photo Credit: Alonzo Maciel Follow On Instagram

Who is your favorite female, other than yourself, doing motorcycle art?

Jody Perewitz recently caught my attention through a mutual friend. She’s a solid lady that works hard and is no-nonsense. That’s definitely my jam.

What’s next for you? 

Projects and work. Follow me on Instagram to see more of what I am currently working on; some new tank art for a Harley-Davidson art exhibit. Oil paintings, signage, and designing women’s clothing for KNK, The Dehavn, Milwaukee Leathers, Hot Leathers, etc.  

As far as rides: I’m always on the go; currently on the East Coast for Laconia, then Eastern Tennessee, California Laguna Seca “King of the Baggers,”  Sturgis, and more!

 Photo Credit: Bobby Biedinger Follow On Instagram

 Photo Credit: Bobby Biedinger Follow On Instagram


Find Natalie and her work at @nataliekkleiner and @thedehavn.